Russia, bridge over the river Dubna, 2020

Project Russia

When Uncle Borya was fishing on the banks of the river he often was thinking about the cherished island of Costa Rica. After he was taking off his black shoes and setting aside a can of beer he was entered the water wondering where the river could take him. Drumming under his breath he was going into deep meditation.

Now Uncle Borya has not been seen for a long time. And his buddys no longer remembers when there appeared a dressing room. He was last seen with repeating: "Free your mind and your ass will follow"
- the best description of the project was written by our friend and author of one of the five rooms Lenya Batalov

In collaboration with: MANU Bureau, Tima Illarionov, Barbara Lambrikht, Artem Lambrikht, Anna Stavitskya, Serge Aksenov, Lenya Batalov, Lesha Snetkov

Room 1. Luck, chance, choice
Serge Aksenov, Anna Stavitskya


Room 2. The place beyond the sun.

Room 3. Casket
MANU Bureau, Tima Illarionov


Room 4. Amphitheater
Barbara Lambrikht, Artem Lambrikht

Room 5. Dressing room
Lenya Batalov, Lesha Snetkov