Russia, Moscow, 2020
Area: 75 sq.m

There doesn't seem to be anyone in the apartment. The people left and left some salmon-flavoured pebbles. There is a perfect ray of the setting sun on the floor, exactly as wide as me. I stretch out in it.

In quarantine V worked all the time at the counter, twisting the bottom stick with her feet. I liked this sound. N changed seats all the time: either on the coach, or behind the island, or at the table. They ate dinner at sunset usually around the island but sometimes, when friends came, they all gathered together at an oval table overlooking the fading sun. They didn’t let me into the bedroom because I could accidentally break something on a long wooden shelf with bottles. I'm not very slick. But I explored the bath completely - I sometimes hid there in a wicker basket under the green counter of the sink.

Team: Mikhail Ivanov, Olga Kuznetsova