Russia, Saint Petersburg, 2017-2019
Area: 168 sqm

Yatzer, Elle Decoration, Design Mate, Archello, MujieLiving

The arched window to Old-Nevsky Avenue running behind the lane was stained with many layers of paint. Looking through it Anna realized that she would be a little sad about her room in a communal apartment. Neighbors said that soon everyone will have to move out but everyone seems happy about it.

After several years Anna found herself in the places of her youth and recognized a familiar window. Going inside the front door and seeing the sign she realized that she has the opportunity to live here one more time. She collided with a foreigner at the door and found herself in a very familiar place but different - she did not even think that her parquet and her stucco could look like that. As if someone with a caring hand restored everything here especially for her.

Team: Mikhail Ivanov, Olga Kuznetsova
Photographer: Anton Ivanov
Stylist: Аnna Koroleva
Paintings: Tima Illarionov, Alexander Biruk